Coming Together

August was chock-full of activity for Cyber Phoenix.  We came out with a BANG at DEFCON 30!  It was my first time attending and I must say, that event is off the hook!!!  A huge thank you to Hacker Warehouse for giving us a small portion of their booth (the biggest booth at DEFCON) to showcase our nascent service to the over 20,000 attendees.

It was a blast meeting so many enthusiastic cyber pros and discussing our capabilities and plans for expansion. We talked with all types of people such as beginners, students, advanced hackers, corporate leaders, and government professionals.  Most importantly, we were able to recruit several cyber security experts who have an interest in sharing their experience and knowledge through our platform.  We’re now scheduling recording sessions with them to continuously bring you new and highly relevant and technical original content.

Speaking of content, we’re working hard to integrate courses from four partner organizations representing hundreds of new courses in CMMC, HIPPA, advanced cyber defense and offense, and so much more.  Moreover, I’m in regular discussions to develop 6 new partnerships (with dozens more on our list for future consideration.)  Conversations are ongoing at different levels. Ultimately, these partnerships will enable us to bring you content of all types; from micro-videos that touch on specific subjects to advanced semester-long cohort-based programs with hands-on labs and cyber ranges.

We’re also working around the clock to bring you new and exciting features on the site.  Below is a sampling of some of the improvements being made to

  • Complete re-design of the LMS User Interface
  • Re-design of the student user experience while going through a course or test prep
  • A new Corporate Portal for our business clients
  • A new student dashboard and improved progress reporting

I’m looking forward to ramping up our marketing efforts in September while continuing to increase our offerings and improve the learning experience on the site.

Ben Tchoubineh, President
Cyber Phoenix