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The Cyber Academy

An Overview

The Cyber Academy is a progression of three courses designed to impart a strong foundation of defensive and offensive information security skills in 34 weeks of full-time study. Development of the 100% project-based, learn-by-doing program was funded, in part, by the Department of Defense (under agreement C5-16-0023), and the curriculum was designed in conjunction with DoD-selected experts.

Students work through 20 tasks (spending 1-2 weeks per task) online in a private cloud environment with help, advice, and feedback from a knowledgeable mentor and extensive online learning resources. 

The tasks are embedded in the realistic, but fictional, context of work as an entry-level employee of a government cyber operations agency.

Skills-Based Learning

Gain Experience Working in All Key Areas of Information Security

Carefully designed, apprenticeship-style learning experience in realistic environments

100% Immersive project-based learning

One-on-one coaching and mentoring tailored to individual needs

Master skills before transitioning to the next level

Cohort based classes with weekly small-group meetings

Register as individual or a group

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Program Qualifications

A Broad Range of Mentor-Led Experiences for Novices

This comprehensive 3-course program is for you if you are:

A determined problem solver

Extremely detail-oriented

Computer savvy

Interested in leveling-up your
Cybersecurity Skillset

What Our Graduates Say

I never realized I could do what I did during the first 4-5 weeks of this course. It makes me feel motivated, and this work is addicting to me. No matter what goes on, I cannot stop thinking about the task and trying to find the solution day and night. I look forward to what is going to come next and many more valuable topics during this course.

The Cyber Academy

A Robust Three-Course Program

Registration Closes 7 Days Before Start Date

Immediate Immersion

6 Weeks, 25 Hours per Week

Exploit A Site & Fix Vulnerabilities

Investigate Suspicious Activity

Analyze Malicious Network Traffic



Cyber Defense

13 Weeks, 25 Hours per Week

Analyze a Remote Intrusion Attempt

Investigate an Incident using SIEM

Begin to Understand Malware

And More!


Reverse Engineering and Exploitation

15 Weeks, 25 Hours per Week

Reverse Engineer Suspicious Files

Conduct OSINT Analysis

Develop Buffer Overflow Exploits

And More!


Cybersecurity Careers

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Think You're Ready For The Next Step In your Cyber Security Career?

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All course expenses are included in tuition, no hidden fees or software to purchase.

Immediate Immersion: $1,650 + Book to be purchased separately: $40

Cyber Defense: $4,090

Reverse Engineering and Exploitation: $4,030