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Advanced Open Source Intelligence and Privacy

Expand your Open Source Intelligence skillset and toolbelt to be more efficient and better at conducting your OSINT investigations. This is an advanced approach to Open Source Intelligence with Privacy in mind.

Course Overview

This course is a natural and logical extent of the previous Open source intelligence course where we placed a good foundation to move to more advanced topics concerning OSINT and the Privacy perspective of your digital life.

This course assumes you are familiar with basic search operators and generic OSINT processes (requirements planning, keyword indexing, data collection, data collation, etc.). We also assume you have a solid working knowledge of major web services and social media platforms. We would encourage you to take the course Open Source Intelligence prior to taking this course.

Information and data have never been more accessible in human history than today. As good as this sounds, it is also a rabbit hole into which you can easily fall.

In this course, we will go over the advanced perspective of Open Source Intelligence by covering different approaches and tools while conducting online investigations. We will also cover the Privacy perspective.

You will understand the advanced perspective of Open Source Intelligence and how to be better at Privacy while leading your digital life. Also, you will learn about exciting tools like Recon-ng, Spiderfoot, how to profile a LinkedIn contact, where to look for information on the deep web, and many more. More than often, all that will give you a scare of how much information is exposed on the Internet.

What You Will Learn

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