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Advanced VueJS

Design and Build Professional, Robust Applications with Vue in no time with one of JavaScript’s most Popular Front-End Frameworks

Course Overview

Vue is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vue supports the component-based approach to building web Apps. The single-file components are independent and loosely coupled to enable better code reuse and quicker development.  

In part 1 of this series, you learned the fundamentals of Vue JS, how different kinds of bindings work (data, events, and so on) and what reactivity is with respect to Vue. You also learned about the Virtual DOM, taking things to the next level with the Vue CLI, and component communication with props. At the end of the course, you learned about Slots and created a small project that applied everything you learned so far. 

In this advanced course, we’ll take things from where we left off in the last course. We’ll start with a small overview of what you learned so far. Then, you’ll learn all about forms and form validation in Vue JS. Next, we’ll look at routing to create ‘multi-page applications and making secure HTTP requests (API calls). We’ll then look at state management with Vuex and stores. Finally, we’ll cover authentication and mixins and end the course with another project

What You Will Learn

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