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Automate Security Into CI/CD Pipelines With Jenkins- Deep Dive On DevSecOps

Applying DevSecOps principles and automating security requirements into CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins. Deep Dive on DevSecOps

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Popular data breaches and service outages are showing us that security cannot be a one-off time job, negligible, and can be executed only at the end of the final stages of application development. Otherwise, it is not only affecting company reputations but also customer loyalty to the delivered product and services.

If Security is implemented and limited at the final stages, then prevention or recovery is also taking much more time&money for spotting the correct point and figuring out the correct solution. This can be avoidable by changing application development pipelines by introducing the correct tools and techniques at the right places. We can detect most of the security issues earlier than before delivering applications/services to the customers with the “Shifting Security Left” strategy.

So, this course will give you the theory and practical knowledge to automate and embed your security requirements into Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipelines using open source/vendor tools and the latest techniques. You will secure your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and start your Secure SDLC journey, then position Security in your organization not only as a one-off task but as a continuous process. And you will step into the DevSecOps world.

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